Arkansas Travelers Tomatoes

By | February 16, 2022

Arkansas Travelers Tomatoes. Soil ph should be 6.2 to 6.8. Bred at the university of arkansas by joe mcferran as an updated version of the region's famously high quality pink tomatoes.

Lovemyclogs The story of the Arkansas Traveller tomato
Lovemyclogs The story of the Arkansas Traveller tomato from

They are a better fruit size with increased crack resistance over ' traveler.'. Also known as arkansas tomato. Varieties that hold up to heat and humidity — arkansas traveler and creole tomatoes, for instance — are preferred on the gulf coast.

Arkansas Traveler, Another Heirloom That Is Particularly Appropriate For Gardeners In The State, Produces Pink Fruit That Is.

The plant produces good yields of 6 to 8 oz deep pink tomatoes. It is not a heirloom, simply a well stabilized op derived from mixed ozark heritage tomatoes. So the only arkansas traveler for which seeds are available today is the 1971 traveler from the university and which has become commonly known by both growers and seed vendors as arkansas traveler.

Great For Hot, Humid Growing Conditions.

Tolerant to heat and humidity. Released by the university of arkansas in 1976. The description said it's a very old tomato that was historically grown in the south, and has fruits up to half a pound.

Arkansas Traveler I Bought A Four Pack Of Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes From The Feed Store, But Only One Survived.

So i'm trying a supposedly heat tolerant variety called arkansas traveler. Keep soil consistently moist throughout the growing season. Arkansas traveler is a 100 year old heirloom tomato that was grown throughout the south from northwest arkansas to north carolina.

Popular In Its Home State And Beyond.

Fruits artful balance of sweetness and tartness accounts for its standing as one of the very best heirloom varieties. Arkansas traveler tomato plants : The plant is indeterminate with round red fruits weighing approximately 6 ounces.

Amend Soil With Compost Or Other Organic Matter Prior To Planting.

In respect to this, how do traveler tomatoes grow in arkansas? A delicious open pollinated tomato popular in southern regions. 78 days, indeterminate — the fruits of 'traveler 76' are good flavored, six ounces in weight, crack resistant and dark pink when mature.

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